Friday, August 29, 2008

First Week Down, 15 More To Go

OK so after my first week of school, I don't hate it as much. I have been dealing with a lot of drama in fixing my schedule. At first I only had school on Tues, Thur, and Fri, now due to classes I don't have to take (cause Chico State screwed up) I am now going every day. For most people this would be fine, but I live 45 minutes away from campus and it sucks to have to drive 80 miles a day five days a week for 16 weeks. The good news is that I acutally have some cool classes now and I think I will enjoy this much more. For one of my classes I will be teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th graders science. I have no desire to be a teacher but I have kids and this will be pretty easy for me and it is 2 units. The decision I have to make now is to have only a 7 unit load next semester and take less financial aid or fill it up with "fun" classes, like yoga (never done it but I heard it is fun). I hate that I am a planner (to an extreme) and it will just drive me nuts until I make a final decision.

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