Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Starts

OK so the first day of my last semester starts tomorrow. I have to admit that I am a little bit excited. I really think that I am going to enjoy my classes this semester.

I am also excited to meet the girls again in Sacramento. Last time I saw them Cyn was still small. I really love getting together with a bunch of other girls going through the same thing. Also Nessa is almost 6 months old, yeah 6 months ago I had A and B's beautiful baby girl. They grow up so fast. I know that it seems like your own kids grow fast, but this seems like even faster. She is offically crawling, crawling backwards. Her mom said when she gets excited to get something in front of her she starts to crawl backwards and then gets frustrated that it gets farther away. I was also talking to A on the phone and she was making noises to her and she was copying it. She is the cutest little girl ever (not like I am bias, right).

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Cyn said...

Aww, it is amazing how quickly they grow when you don't see them do everything.

Looking forward to next Sunday-I'll get a head count this week.