Monday, February 9, 2009


I woke up a couple of days ago with the worst neck issues. Today I am finally feeling better. I have woke up in the morning with back/neck issues like 6 times since we got this crappy mattress. I really think it is about time we get a mattress that is comfy and ergonomically good. I had to go Alexya's entire party with a kink in my neck and it really made the day hard.

School is moving right along as usual. 14 weeks left not including spring break, but including finals. Oh I finally filed my taxes and we are getting a good chunk back. We are going to re-up our insurances (life, car, and house) and even pay off a credit card. I really think that life sometimes is nothing but debt, but oh how good it feels to pay it off again and again and again. It's the American way. I an really hoping this time to get rid of some credit cards all together and just have a few. I really think though that we have done a good job about paying cars off faster then the loan and I mean by like 2 or more years. Yeah for us and paying off bills!!!

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