Thursday, July 23, 2009

And So It Goes

4:30 am - Wake up and make Greg his breakfast and pack his lunch and send him off to work. Back to bed at 5:00 am.

7:00 am - Wake up for the second time and take a shower.

7:30 am - Get the kids up and ready to start the day.

8:00 am - Head out the door to go over to my dad's house and water the garden and plants and feed the chicken and collect the eggs.

8:30 am - Start the drive to Redding for Samm's post-op appointment.

10:15 am - Head off to the orthopedic doctor to wait...

10:30 am - Still waiting and ....

11:15 am - Finally get into the room and then, yeah, wait...

11:45 am - Leave the doctor's office and head off to the Super Wal-Mart to get groceries in Anderson.

12:00 pm - Stop and eat at Subway, because at this point I am starving because in all the hurry to get the kids ready I didn't eat breakfast.

12:30 pm - Shop till I well, until I get everything we need and 1 hour later and $166.57 later...

1:30 pm - Start the drive home.

2:00 pm - Get home and unpack the groceries, get the clothes off the line, look at the dog bowl, feed the dogs, check the mail, stare at the bills, swear at the bills, and then go on SMO to get the latest gossip.

4:00 pm - Call my past IM, Angel, to see how her, Ben and Nessa are doing.

4:15 am - My phone call gets interrupted by my cell phone ringing the tone of my husband. Hang up with Angel and then talk with Greg. I find out that he just got a speeding and no seat belt ticket leaving work after 10 hours. I think OK I can deal with this.

5:00 pm - Start dinner, chit chat with Greg about his day and then find out that one of the journeymen that is working on the same job as him hasn't been paid in 2 weeks, which also means his benifits are not being paid. OK this is starting to suck.

6:00 pm - Eat dinner.

6:15 pm - Get online to pay some bills through online banking. See that is says $0.00 funds available. Go to the main page and see that the money we borrow from my dad via a check had bounced. We are over drawn by $1700.00 and there are 7 over draft charges of $35.00 each (and so you don't go and get you calculator that is $245.00) and then I start to freak.

6:20 pm - Call my dad and tell him and then he realizes he wrote the check out of the wrong account. Yeah I can see. I then call my bank and find out that not only are there the 7 overdraft charges, but there will be 2 more that will go through tonight (another $70.00) and that there are 4 more pending that will be going through tomorrow night ($140.00) and that is for a grand total of $455.00 I now owe to my bank thanks to my dad.

6:40 pm - Make myself a Madori sour, a big one too.

7:00 pm - Send Samm and Ariel out to get the horses so I can rind and unwind, relax, and just forget the day for a moment.

7:05 pm - Samm calls to say that the horse had stepped on Ariel's leg. I run out there and see a nice hoof print on Ariel's calf. Help Ariel limp back to the house. Check out her leg and watch it to see if there is any swelling.

7:20 pm - Ground Samm for 2 months from the horse for going out in the field in flip-flops and not putting the halter on the horses, she told Ariel they could just drag them by their fly masks.

7:30 pm till now - Just thinking how I am going to handle the bank account tomorrow, wonder if Ariel needs to go to the urgent care in the morning, how much Greg's ticket is going to be, and dreading the drive tomorrow to drop-off Samm because Greg has work on Saturday.

All this in one day. Enough to make me want to saddle up my horse and ride off into the night. They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, well after this night, I am superwoman. Well I am off to watch the recorded So You Think You Can Dance and drink a water.


Baby Maker said...

awww that does stink, but you still have alot to be thankful for, never forget that!

Cyn said...

HOLY crap!! I really hope the leg is OK!! We've got basketball from 6-9 tonight, but I'll think big happy thoughts for you as you drive by-or email if you'll be in town earlier in the day!

Heather Rodriguez said...

I don't know which bank you use, but I had the same issue as you once. If you just talk to a manger and explain, they will usually reverse all the charges. Good luck!