Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How it Goes

Well on another note, school is fine I just can't seem to get the kids to focus. I need to try and find the motivation for them to focus and get things done. I actually made Alexya cry today because she was just staring into la la land and I said she was going to be at the desk forever if she didn't get crackin'. She flipped out saying I never help her and she can't do the work. Again GGGGGGRRRRrrrr.....once she calmed down I just said I was not going to give her the answers and she needs to try on her own first. After that things were OK, but I really think that they are just sick of being in the house from the crappy weather. Good thing tomorrow we have art at the school, that is when I spend some one on one time with them while each is in the art class (they are split up, K-3rd and then 4th-8th) Time away from each other is good too. They are finding new friends and setting right into the group of kids there.

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Heather Rodriguez said...

My IM had too much knock out drug last time too. CRAZY stuff.