Thursday, February 18, 2010

New News

Well I am off and rolling with a new set of IPs (and not the ones that I was talking about before as then are grade Acrazy coo coo birds and I do mean crazy) They are on SMO, well at least the female coo coo bird is and does nothing but complain about finding the "perfect" surrogate in CA and cannot because of the REs strick criteria (which is a lie as I found out otherwise). On to better news, I have new IPs and I think they are great. I had my phone appointment with the RE and he said we are good to go. Only thing I need is the dreaded Hystiosalpiniogram (sp), where they inject your uterus with dye and take x-rays and even though I cried with the last one I got (for no reason) I am willing to prove that I am A-okay in the uterus front. Well I am off to bed, but I will update tomorrow with the other good news, holding you 5 followers in suspense and make you wanna come back for more. HaHaHa......

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Cyn said...

Ha! I know what the other good news is too and it's JUST as fantastic!

Great to hear about things working out well and quickly!