Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soccer Mom, am I

This is the middle child, Ariel, in her first soccer game of the fall season. She is the one in the baby girl pink and is on the U-8 hummingbirds (not a real intimidating name, huh?)

On another note school starts tomorrow for them (me as well but I have Tuesday/Thursday classes, so I don't go until Tuesday) and I think I am more excited for them to go back then they are.

I still have not heard back from the agency that I filled out all the info for. I don't want to seem desperate for them to accept me as agencies are a dime a dozen but I really did like the sound of the agency and what they have to offer. I am thinking that I will e-mail them tomorrow to just make sure things are being processed. I hate the waiting game in the world of surrogacy and I seem to get a bit anxious. The hurry up and wait game is hard for me because with my first journey it was just so smooth, no waiting at all for things to proceed. Anyway I am off to bed as I have to actually start getting up early and that means no more late nights.

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Cyn said...

The waiting is ok this time as you still need time for your body to heal and to have it to yourself for a few months!

Our soccer doesn't start until next Saturday.