Friday, August 22, 2008

Lets get the show on the road

So I offically cannot quit college as I just bought $350.00 in books (and that is only 6 books). Look what my money has bought me.

The kids and I all start on Monday and I have a feeling that this is going to be a long semester for me. I have been waiting all summer for the kids to go back to school as they think I am to entertain them all day. What do they think I bounght them all the crafts and what-nots, for me?
Anyway I have sent off my application to the new surrogate agency (it was 32 pages long) and I had to scan each one of them into my computer and then it took about 2 hours to e-mail it because I have dial-up (yep, I still ahve dial-up), as that is all we have out here in the sticks. I am really excited even though I know I have to wait the 6 months post partum until I can transfer again. Just thinking about it gets me all excited to meet some new IPs (Intended Parents). I am hoping that we can get all the medical and psych evals all done and then meet some IP's and get the contracts done and be ready to start in February. Well that is all the dram for now. I will be sure to post our first day of school pictures on Monday.

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