Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh What To Do

So after dealing with some agency issues, I have now finally decided that I need to move on to a new agency. I feel like I did my research on choosing an agency and now to start all over again stinks. I know I need to stand my ground and I know that it is OK to do.

So I only have about 11 weeks left. School seems to be going by a lot faster then I thought it would. I cannot believe that I am about to sign up for my last semester of college. It feels so good to say that I am going to finish and I only have 6 more units to go after this semester. I cannot wait to hold that diploma in my hand and know I did it and to show my kids that they can do it too.

I am grateful for my husbands support and I don't think I could have done it without him. I know that I have found a good man and I work every day at making him know I appreciate him. Although my womenly emotions come now and then. Have a Happy Hump day (what is left of it).

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Cyn said...

Sorry about the agency! You are right though that you shouldn't have to settle for less than what you want.