Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

OK so it was not as fun as I made it sound. We first had to find someone to get my horse from jail (animal control) and then pay out the nose for all of that. And to think that they were going to sell my horse the next day for starting at $5.00. I put $3000.00 into that horse. Needless to say I was very upset with my father and he didn't even care. Then we went to Ariel's soccer game. I really enjoy watching her, but I get so frustrated with all the girls just standing there. I know that winning is not everything, but come on one game would be nice, just one. Ariel got to play goalie and she did so good that they coach wanted her to play the whole game, but she wanted to run with the rest of the girls. Needless to say the other team scored in the second half after Ariel was goalie. She did say that she wanted to play it again next game and the coach really seemed to want her too as well.

Then on Sunday my step-daughter, Sammantha, and I went and collected galls. They are what people call Oak Apples on Valley Oak trees. They are not apples though they are a gall created by a wasp. They then hatch out of the galls when the time is right and all their babies too. It took about 2 hours and it was a little muggy in the park. I was then supposed to get my hair cut, something I have needed for like a year now, but was called home to meet some new neighbors. They have a daughter named Ariel as well, one year behind my Ariel. They really seemed nice.

Well I am off to study for my Nutrition test, I'll let you know the results of that probably Thursday or next Tuesday. Happy Sunday :o)

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