Saturday, October 18, 2008

This One's For You

Yeah, this one is for you Cyn. So I know I am on a "diet" (lifestyle change), but reading all the conld stone creamery remarks from Cyn has really made me want one, so I got one yesterday. But get this, I am standing in line waiting to order and this person in front of me orders, are you ready for it, cotton candy ice cream with reeces peanut butter cups. Seriously the only people that would eat that are someone who has broken taste buds or a pregnant women LOL. I never had any nasty cravings when I was prego with any of my kids. With Nessa it was fruit and tons of it and living out where I live I get it right from the tree.

So while we were in Vegas apparently my father's cows got out of the pasture and my dad made sure he got the cows in, but didn't check for the horse. I get back and notice she really hasn't come around so yesterday I go out in the field and look for her, and she is nowhere to be found. So I start to freak out, she was $2500.00 and about $500.00 more in extras and my dad didn't even check for her. Well we start to troll the neighborhood and talked to some ladies. They say that Animal control picked her up, great. So we finally hear from them this morning and they have her. Now we just have to see how much it is going to cost us to get her out. Also we don't have a trailer yet and she is about 25 minutes from our house and now we are waiting to hear from friends to see if they can help us. I really sometimes feel like if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all.

On another note, Ariel has a late soccer game today and I hated missing last weeks game, so I am a excited to see her play. I really think she has a raw talent for soccer. Alexya just can't decide what she wants to do, but this is her typical personality. I think I am going to put her back in soccer or she can do pitching machine. It really drives me nuts when she cannot decide what she wants to do.

School is going. I am really not into school anymore, I think it stems from the 3 solid years I have been going. Also I just feel overwhelmed with all the projects and waht not that need to be done and I have to depend on a group to get them all done. I am realy more of a person to get things done on my own and not depend on others. Especially when they don't do what they are supposed to do. I feel like I am back in grade school sometimes. These students are adults yet they act like children and you have to pester them to get things done. Guess that is life. Live, learn, and laugh. :o)

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Cyn said...

Sorry about the coldstone, hopefully you enjoyed it. You know, every lifestyle change deserves a treat once in a while. Did you try the pumpkin?