Sunday, November 23, 2008

Got The Card

I have been riding Jazzy more also. I rode for 3 hours on Friday and then when Samm was here we rode on Saturday and on Sunday and today I really spent some time making her listen. She is very bossy and when Samm rides her, Jazzy really tries to be the boss. It is really good that Samm starts to show more authority when riding her. My tail-bone is brused from falling on my butt the other day at home so I really can't canter or lope her right now. I love having a friend to ride with and I am riding her on my own in the field across the street to get her used to listening. I think if I fall off the dirt will be much softer then the street.

I am loving that I have all next week off, but I have to get a lot of the projects done. When I go back to school I only have 2 weeks of classes left and then finals. I still have not heard from the financial aid department about the SMART grant money ($2000.00). They act like they are too busy to help out the poor college students. I am really wanting to go to Hawii on a research trip on turtles, but I cannot go until I hear about the SMART grant. I am not one to take from the family. I am just so excited that I only have one more semster (only 8 units, 2 classes) and I am done. Well I am off to get some scrapbooking done for Nessa.

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