Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Word Yet

I really think that with all the people that are working at Anthem they can just say yes or no, but come on make a decision already. I just hope that next week sometime we will hear something.
So my horse had a severe backing up problem and we were all unable to ride her. Well today I finally found someone to get her to stop doing it. After about an hour of training she is back to her normal self. It was nice getting to ride her and not be a bit hesitant. I got her when I was about 5 months pregnant and this is the first time I have actually able to enjoy her. Sammantha had been riding her, but she is mine and I was not able to enjoy her. I will have to get a picture of me on her as I am so excited. I need to make sure to work her about 3-4 days a week. I know with school coming to an end it will be easier now. Oh and only 4 weeks left of school, including finals. I am so ready to be done. :o)

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