Monday, November 3, 2008

Sorrow for Tomorrow

So I have been paying attention to the polls and I really hope they are wrong. I am not a big person to air my political view, but I do feel that the lesser of the two stupids is McCain. So there it is. Also we have some really hot propositions here in California as well and I have pretty much made up my mind on those as well, even though they mostly are all wanting money for the tax payers to pay. I really do think that the train from the Bay Area to LA is pretty cool it will cost waaaayyyy to much.

We had an OK Halloween, I decided to change things up this year and it really didn't pay off. Alexya was a cat and Ariel was a rabbit and then a princess (due to ketchup all over the rabbit outfit). The kids really didn't get that much candy, not that I am complaining as most of the time they don't eat all of it (and that is spaced out over a year). Well happy voting for everyone as I vote bright and early before school :o)

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