Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grades are In

OK so I have been waiting for Chico State to get their heads out of their behind and they finally did. So here the are:
Plant Physiology: B
Nutrition: A-
Ecology: B-
So this means that I kept my 3.0 that I need for my SMART grant. I have fully registered for the Spring 2009 semester and it looks like I will be taking herpetology, Virology, and Environmental Science (it is on-line and 3 units, which helped me get to my 12 units needed). I cannot believe that I have been going to school for 3 and 1/2 years and that I am almost there.

On a crappy note, I went to the dentist yesterday and found out that I need a total of $2700.00 worth of dental work done. To save my poor husband money I am going to only get some of the work done and only spend about about $900.00 and save the rest for next year. Well I had my first appointment for one of the crowns today and let me tell you, it was bad. I really hate needles (I know I have given myself shots, my husband has given me shots and Labcorp loves to poke me), but the dentist needles are different. Anyway when he was getting to the end I really started to feel a lot more, I think the shots were wearing off. I started to cry and among other things just became very emotional right there in the office. It was great that the ladies love me. I talked to one of the ladies and she just held my hand and said that things would work out. Have I mentioned that I love the ladies there. I visited them for appointments and kids appointments so often during my first surrogacy that they all ask me questions and ask for updated pictures. They are the best.

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Cyn said...

Great job!! Keep at it, you're almost done!