Friday, June 5, 2009

Only One More Week

My neurologist made me go to physical therapy (what a joke) and they had me doing these stabilization things and then squats. Yes fricken squats. My legs hurts so bad I can barely walk. No, my back doesn't hurt my quads and hamstrings are killing me. I look like a cripple again. I now know that taking 3 months off from any exercise is bad and for me I look like I have never worked a muscle in my legs for years. They said it takes about 48-72 hours to go away but when I go to physical therapy on Wednesday and then on Friday how the heck is it supposed to go away when you have me doing more. My hubby even ran me a hot, hot bath to try and help them feel better, with no such luck. I have also been trying to stretch them, but that hurts even worse. At least I have 3 days to try and get them to heal.

As for the family, we pick Samm up on the 12th for the summer and the little girls are excited to have her here full time. I am thinking about going to the Taste of Redding on Sunday, we went last year and it was a blast. We left there full and it is way better then the Taste of Chico. When you buy a ticket for Redding you get to taste everything there and at the Chico one it is only like 10 tasting and when there is like 40 vendors you have to pick and choose which one you want and don't want. Well I am going to head off to watch a little tube and then I am off to bed. TGIF (for at least another hour) :o)


Cyn said...

1 week! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!
Have you tried asking Google what 8 year old German boys like?

I think with repetition,the squats get easier to handle :)

Baby Maker said...

Hope you feel better! I have no clue what an 8 yo german boy would like, I know my nephew is 9 and he loves Dinosaurs and creepy crawlies, maybe that is an all little boy thing?! Sorry I am no help, mine are 2&3 so they are still into toys! Good luck on the transfer!