Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Closer

TAXES ARE FILED, with an estimated date of getting the money on February 5th. It is going to come in handy with all the things that need to be paid though. We always pay our insurances (home, car, and life) with the money so that will eat up some of it. Next will be the bills with high interest rates. Oh and we are going to build a fence for a bigger area for the horses and so I don't have to listen to my dad about feeding. Also a small barn/stall area for the horses. They have really taken a beating with all this rain. I had to move Monkey because he was standing in 6 inches of mud.

Things are moving forward with school too. I picked up the science curriculum for the girls. Although they are not officially tested, I really think it is important to start learning it now. I actually am getting excited at the projects I get to come up with.

Oh and I have my herpetology lad practical set up for February 18th and then my final in virology on March 5th. I am going to make sure and buckle down and get all of this done before the end of March. I can't believe that I will have my Bachelors degree in just 2 months. Go Me !!! (yeah I am tooting my own horn)

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