Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain Rain Go AWAY

Our front yard
Our walkway and driveway

So now that we are almost fully under water, the rain can stop. Oh, but that is not what the forcast says, it is calling for 7 more days of rain. Really???? Who needs 10 inches of rain in 10 days??? I'm OK with 10 inches over 10 months, but mother nature is just being cruel. As you can see we are from the country and we don't have all those fancy drains that the city has. Our creeks are over-flowing already and we cannot take much more. My monkey is standing in water , the dogs hate me for making them pee outside, and the kids are just getting restless. On the other had the 5 ducks are having just a swimming time, literally. Well enough complaining, about the rain.

As for home schooling, things are going great. I will pick up some science curriculum on Thursday. With our tax return we will be getting some more things for the kids, science activities, art activities, oh and high speed internet (yeah we are on dial-up). We have play dates with my friend Jodi and her home schooled kids. We do baking, art, sewing, and nature walks. Well hope this finds you dry :o)


Heather Rodriguez said...

I wish we lived closer, we could so have a play date!!

Cyn said...

Everything sounds great, except the flooding of course!