Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holy No Teeth Batman

OK so after Ariel had her last 3 teeth removed I peered in and I wasn't sure how she was going to eat. She has one molar on each side on her bottom and two molars on each side of her top and of course the 8 teeth in the front. Thursday was really rough for her dealing with her mouth and the permanent retainers. I resorted to more powerful medication then just Tylenol as she was just crying and whinning all the time. It is much better now and she is actually trying to eat more than just soups and ice creams.

Went for a horse ride to day with Samm and a friend for 3 hours. We went in the creeks around here and there was just enough water to have fun in. A little too much fun as Jazzy (Samm's horse) went face first into the water, she was dripping. I was surprised that Samm didn't end up in the creek too. Well that is all the exciting in my wonderful crazy life. Oh and home school is still going great.


Cyn said...

Ah, she's a kid, she'll figure it out.
Hope you have a great time at transfer with hubby!

Cyn said...

Because this clinic is so much closer to you, you may be allowed to have someone drive you home and you just rest at home. That's what I did when my clinic was 2 hours away. I had to recline my seat for the drive, but it wasn't a big deal.

Heather Rodriguez said...

Why did she have to have all those teeth removed?

Trisha said...

All of her adult teeth cannot fit in her mouth if we just let them grow in on their own. She already had some teeth grow in funky. Trying to save her from 5 years of braces for hopefully only 2 years of invisalign.

Yeah I am hoping that this is what I can do, Cyn.