Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

So today was the first day of home schooling and things went great. I got everything done in 2 hours. I am really thinking that I made a good decision.

Tomorrow is school in the am and then dentist for Samm (for cavities) and then Ariel getting 3 more teeth pulled (save her from 5 years of braces), for a total of 7 in 2 days. She is one heck of a trooper though, I don't think I could handle it like she does. I do pay for her to get the loopy juice, and man let me tell you if you could imagine a child drunk that would be her. I went to check on her in the bathroom and she was falling down laughing, like a drunk person.


Cyn said...

It's wonderful to hear that the first day went well.
If you spend the whole day in the classroom a couple of days, you'll see why it takes 7 hours to get through 2 hours worth of work.

Good luck Sticky Butt!

Heather Rodriguez said...

I love happy updates!