Friday, January 1, 2010

Slacker am I

That is what I am, but I can tell you everything that happened in not much time. Went to court and offically have Samm. She is doing great up here, but it has been a lot of work on both of our parts.

Current day:

I pulled my two little ones from school and home schooling as I am tired of the bull crap with the school system, in particular the principal. Also Greg has been laid off for a month and a half and we are praying that he goes back to work on Monday.

Well that is all in a nut shell and I will make sure to update more often as I know my 5 followers oh so miss my life updates. Home school starts Tuesday so I will update on how that goes.


Cyn said...

You KNOW I've been missing you and wondering how you've been-I haven't seen many updates anywhere.

Can't wait to hear how the home schooling goes.

Good luck with the transfer-good to hear that Sac Sher is good-I've wondered.

Heather Rodriguez said...

FINALLY!!!!!! :)) Nice to see you back in the land of blog!!

I am going to email you a link that will make homeschooling easier. Its a nice perspective. Good luck! Its fun!

And I am keeping everything crossed for this transfer!!