Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lets Meet

So my new IPs are coming on Saturday and I am over the moon excited. We have talked for hours like teenagers, facebooked about our exciting lives, and emailed a lot. I think that there is a special connection and it puts my mind at ease. Things have been so easy to talk about and I am just soooo excited to meet them.

Well on the home schooling front, yesterday was a bad, bad, bad day. It took the girls 4.5 hours to finish school. I was seriously at my wits end. I know there are going to be bad days, but I don't think I was prepared for that, well now I am. Today we got everything done in 2 hours and then went to the library. My bargining chip, some stupid movie on Disney Channel. I really do think that they needed the little motivation and kick in the butt. So we will see how tomorrow goes, but I think it will be better then Monday for sure.

As for the college front, I will be done on March 8th (test for Virology on March 5th and Herpetology on March 8th). In Herpetology I only have the lab test left, yeah I got credit for the paper from the research that I did, which was about 25 hours total and no final. Yeah for almost being done. Well I am off to make my lunch and count my points, go Weight Watchers!

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