Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A BIG update!!!

Well....6dp5dt 6.75dp5dt

And at 10dp5dt my BETA was 145, 12dp5dt my BETA was 410 and at 18dp5dt my BETA was 6547. We have our first ultrasound tomorrow for sac and fetal pole. The following week will be for the heartbeat. My IM is starting to feel a little better about the fact that she is going to be a momma. With so much heartache that she has had I don't blame her for being cautious and with the ectopic from before I am in the same cautious boat. I just can't wait to show her that all is going to be great.
With school being out I am just trying to keep the kids busy. Alexya spends a lot of time next door at Kayla's house and Ariel at her friend Leann's house (she has a pool and is way cool). Samm will be heading off to her mother's house on Sunday (yeah on Father's Day no thanks to her mom). I am excited to be going to go see the surro gals on Saturday and pictures of one of my really good surro friends that had twins for her great IPs. Things are going good and just trying to avoid morning sickness like the plague (although it doesn't seem to be working).
Happy Hump Day Everyone :o)


Cyn said...

Looking forward to seeing you! Is Samm is going to her mom's on Sun why are you coming down on Sat?

Heather Rodriguez said...

AWESOME news!!! That is so exciting!!