Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lookie What We Saw

Yep one beautiful little sac with a little bean. No heartbeat yet as it is too early, but not next week when we go again. i am just head over heels excited for my IPs, J and P. This is a feeling that never gets old. I swear it is addicting making people happy.

Oh and it is a chore to keep these kids busy. I think that the queasiness is not making it easy either, but they think that we have to be going 90 miles an hour all the time. Today was the fair and tomorrow is a horse show for Samm. Saturday is lunch with the girls in Sac and Greg trying to get a side job. Then on Sunday we have to drop Samm off to her mom at the Sac airport. Guess it will keep me busy waiting on the ultrasound. Now I need to busy up my Monday through Wednesday...or maybe just sleep through it :o)

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Heather Rodriguez said...

So excited for you and your IPs!!!