Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving Right Along

So although I am a slacker nothing exciting has been happening. I am just happily gestating a baby. We (IPs and I) go in on Friday for the BIG ultrasound and to hang out for a day and a half. Morning sickness is mostly gone, but does rear its ugly head every now and again.

Home schooling is going good. Still trying to find what makes Alexya tick. She is just like her father when it comes to school, do the least amount to get by. I am much more excited about starting the home schooling year at the beginning as the girls can do much more that the school has to offer. Ariel starts the photo club next week and then PE for the both of them at the local gym. They love it and especially the gay aerobics instructor that they find so entertaining and gets them excited to do the activities. He wears these crazy tight, short spandex and is just so excited to be there.

Samm is doing good in high school. The freshman volleyball team didn't have enough people so we got all the crap (a two hour trip to the doctor for the physical) done so she can participate. They really stink and the girls are kind of catty (typical for volleyball girls), so she just counts this as trying to have fun and keep in shape. She is still boy OBSESSED. It worries me that she is smitten with any boy that tells her she is pretty. I do know that 14 yr old girls like boys, but she can meet a boy one day and the next be worrying over if he likes her or not and where the "relationship" is going to go. Seriously she knows him for one day and she thinks they have "relationship". I cannot wait till we just get this all out of the way and she can just go back to being normal, well as normal as a teenager can be.

That's all for now, but I will make sure to be more responsible about updating.

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