Monday, June 28, 2010

Here is the Latest

ultrasound that is...

The little bean had a beautiful heart beat of 109, which is in the mormal range for a 6 week old baby. This time the baby was measuring at 6 wks 2 days, when we are 6 weeks 4 days, so the baby is all confused as to be ahead or behind, which is perfectly normal.

Ariel had her first horse show last Saturday. I was really, really hot, but she enjoyed herself despite the heat. She placed in all her classes, even beating adults. Go Ariel!!! She ended up with three 2nd places, one 3rd place, one 4th place, and one 5th place. She needs more practice, but is coming along nicely. Nothing else really going on, just staying out of the 105 F heat and eating Ice Tickles.

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RebekahRose said...

Aww sweet ultrasound picture!! Yay!! :)