Monday, December 6, 2010

Yeah...32 weeks

Well time has been flying by and it is hard to believe that little Caleb will be in his moms arms in 8 short weeks. All of the OB appointments have been going good. Still only measuring a week ahead, not sure if that is on the closer end of 2 weeks and he is just making me feel better as I feel like he is 3 weeks ahead. At the appointment yesterday I did have him check to see if he was head down and low and behold he is. It was painful but great to know he was where he is supposed to be and all the pain will be worth it to have my VBAC. When I get a chance I will get my facebook picture of me at 32 weeks as I just got my iMac and have to figure out how to do all that stuff all over again as the iMac is so much different.

Girls are out for winter break and it is a nice break for me as well. We did Christmas early as Samm was going to her mom's house and we wanted her to be able to enjoy them with the other girls. It is fine though as more gifts have been trickling in over the past week so it was not all lost.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

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Cyn said...

Merry Christmas Trisha!
How nice to do it early for Samm!