Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Journey

Well how life has changed in just 4 short months. Kids are on summer break, went and visited with Caleb and his parents, my first IPs are moving back to California (just 45 minutes from my second IPs), and I am starting another surrogacy. I know, I know, I didn't know what my plan was, but now I am so happy I decided to do another one, and only one more. I think 5 babies is more then enough for me and my body.

They are a great set of IFs from London. They have been through a rough patch with past surrogates, so I am hoping to renew their faith and give them a bundle of joy or two to snuggle. We just finished contracts, actually just yesterday I sent off the contract for them to sign, so it is officially official. The ED stuff is coming along for the fresh transfer in August, so it is exciting. I am hoping to get a calendar soon and be able to have a concrete date.

I have to say I am forever grateful for what surrogacy has brought to my life. I don't think it defines me, but it most certainly a part of me. I love the families I have helped. I will make sure to keep up on the blog now that I have a little something to talk about.


chris said...
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Cyn said...

So exciting!!

Heather Rodriguez said...

Trisha! This is HeyThere from SMO. Can you please email me? Thanks!!