Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Update

Things are just trucking along. I have been trying to keep busy. Greg's brother was here and they had a great time visiting. He was such a good uncle and played games and went swimming with them. The girls had their first horse show of the year, as all the others were cancelled due to the horse equine virus that was going around. Here are the girls with the horses.

We are starting to introduce Monkey to the shows and he is doing great. When Samm comes back for the summer she will start to work with him more so he will be ready to actually show in the riding events.

Things are moving along with the surrogacy. Guys got the contract and are signing today. ED goes into the clinic on Thursday. It looks as though we are still on for a late August transfer. I am just worried as I have no meds and hate to put pressure on the pharmacy and mail system to get things here in a timely manner. Well now is the waiting part again. I hope to hear more news on Thursday.

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