Monday, October 31, 2011


OK so I just remembered about this blog. I had really just crawled within my own self pity for a while.

Kids are doing great. All are at 3 different schools, so that is a bit more driving, but I am in the country, driving is a part of life.

Surrogacy has had some bumps. We had a transfer in September and it was an ectopic. I had 2 rounds of Methotrexate and my numbers finally went down. I have hopefully only one more blood test this week and then we will have a direction. I am thinking it will be a January transfer, but you never know if this world if uncertainty. I did get to meet my IFs, which was amazing. They are great guys and I know I made a great choice in helping them have a family. I have just been taking the time to just get my weight back down and stay positive for the future. Oh and riding my horse in this great weather.

Also we are putting a bid on a house. An awesome house. More info when and if we move forward.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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