Monday, September 15, 2008

What a Long Day

Here is one of the pictures that I got recently.
I cannot believe she is getting sooooo big. I have to say that I am a very pround surrogate when I see the pictures of her and how she is fullfilling her parents dreams. I love seeing her grow-up and I get so many pictures that it is great.
So some good news is that I heard from my agency. When I talked to her she had informed me that she was on vacation for a couple of days and that the receptionist was to let everyone know who called for her. Well she didn't. Anyway, she had said she got my profile on PDF which apparently took some time as the application was 32 pages and was wondering if she could give my profile to a few IP's (one in San Diego and one in Colorado) and I of course said yes. So she said I should hear from her by the end of this week. So here's hoping.

I also had my 6 week PP check-up and I am glad to say I am not broken. He gave me the all clear to proceed with another surrogacy and I am excited because I really liked him and wanted to stay with him and now I can. I also got some paperwork for my new agency and I hopefully won't have as much medical stuff done.
I think I am getting burnt out of school. I just feel as though that is all I do. Many times I just want to be at home scrapbooking and taking care of my kids. Well, I just have to remember that this is what is best for hte family in the long run. Well I am off to write a plant physiology lab report on the water potential of potato cells, you know you are jealous :o)

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Cyn said...

I'm so jealous! I would tell you how jealous but I've got to go take my afternoon nap and then eat some more bon bons!