Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

OK so it has been a while. I was planning on posting when I was in Vegas but those money grubbers wanted $15.99 for one day of internet use. Like they don't take enough of peoples money when they gamble. So here are some pictures that I took while there.
This is where we stayed
This is the whole tower and we rode
the ride on the top called the Big Shot
This is an airplane view of the strip
This is the night view of the strip on top
of the Stratosphere
We went and saw Carrot Top and I was
laughing so hard I was crying.

We also when to the Bodies Exibit. Now as you know I am getting my degree in Biology so this was the most fascinating thing ever. They were real bodies. The most interesting part was the area of the development of a baby. They had from 28 days up to 32 weeks (a bit sad though as those babies were going to be someone's child).

I really do think that we walked about 15 miles while there. Everything we did was just walking from one place to another. We ate at this really cool Japanese place called Red and we had sushi (something I couldn't have for the past year) and it was really delicious. We also ate at this place that said they were the world's best BBQ and let me tell you it was GOOD. All in all it was a realy fun time and much needed adult time with the hubby.

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Cyn said...

It sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to hear how things go with the couple. Indy really isn't so bad with the right people.