Sunday, November 9, 2008

Look What I'm In

So I know that it is not a skinny girls idea of skinny jeans but for me this is a huge milestone. I am now in my pre-baby jeans. I still have some weight to loss (lower then my pre-baby weight), but it has only taken me 3 months to get here, I have lost 46 lbs since having Nessa. This just makes me realized that if I just set my mind to something I CAN do it. It just takes persistance and turning down the brownies that I so want to eat, and I mean like 20 brownies that I want to eat. I do know that I have to make sure to feed my cravings, but just in moderation. Well hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a great week (I only have 3 days of school because of Veteren's Day and I don't have school on Friday). :o)

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Cyn said...

Huge day for you! congrats!! I have never gotten back to pre-pregnancy weight with any of my pregnancies, close, but not there.