Saturday, November 8, 2008

Only 5 Weeks Left

Of school that is. I am really getting excited as this has been a rough semester to keep motivated. Although I am doing good in my classes it is just difficult to stay motivated. So I really think my plant phys test went well. My next test is on Monday in Ecology, which shouldn't be to hard.
So I am a Black Friday lover. I know many people don't want to go out becuase of all the people, but I say stay in and let the rest of us get all the good stuff then. I really don't think it is as crazy as people think it is. You just have to plan you day out and if the line it too long then just come back later or find it at another store. I think there are going to be 4 girls this year and I am soooooo excited. This time last year I was in the 2 ww with my first IPs. I gave them the new on the Black Friday and it was the best day.
Another note about the surrogacy, I have offically applied to the insurance. I am really nervous because the specifically asked about surrogacy in the application (it was tied into being pregnant, in the process of adoption or surrogacy). I really think that the insurances are catching on. I think they should just charge a bit more and then allow it. If they make it cost effective for them then why don't they just cover it. If this insurance doesn't work it is going to be a bit of a hassle. Happy Saturday :o)

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