Monday, April 26, 2010

Holy Lazy Cow

So Life has been way busy, but I am back and ready for action.
OK so for the kids, their activities are starting to overlap and making it a little bit hard to manage, but I guess that is what Grandpa's are for. I am no longer the coach for Samm's team as they had to break the teams apart and create only one and the drama that ensued from all of that and the coach from the other team was a bit of a drama king for me. So know I support her from the bleachers, which is OK, but she wishes I was there with her in the dugout. Ariel is doing really well in soccer and seems to be picking up the positions better. Alexya, well, she tries her hardest. Coreography for little ones is very hard to pick up so I have seen. I am doing fundraisers like a mad woman to earn the $750.00 she needs for her to go to Disneyland. Here are some pictures of the girls in their sports. Oh and Samm does horse shows as well with Jazzy. She got 11 ribbons 2 Sundays ago.

Samm Batting

Ariel Kicking

Alexya Dancing (she is the one with brown hair)
Samm Riding Jazzy English

As for my surrogacy journey, it has been wild that is for sure. We agreed to work together and got started right away. HSG went great, with a little help from the pain meds, and I my tubes were all clear. Next I met with the RE and he said I was a great person to transfer to according to the mock transfer. He was such an outgoing and fun guy and it really put me at ease. I spent a whirlwind of a day with my IM in LA where I had Panara for the first time and now I am sooooooo in love with the cinnamon scones. Shortly after we got contracts started and then well a huge surprise. My IM was pregnant. Naturally, which has never happened before. Then tragedy struck as only a week later she miscarried and is now hoping to get tissue to test the little bean to see if we should use her three little embryos on ice or only use the ED embryos. I am signing the contract today and mailing it to them tomorrow to make everything official. Oh and our transfer is May 28th.
That's it for now, but I will make sure to update all the time.
Oh and I will graduate May 22nd with my bachelors degree in Biology.

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