Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movin' Along

So things are just moving forward. Ultrasound was good, except for the lady not telling me my lining and then making comments about fibroids. I seriously wanted to just tell her to just look at my lining and ovaries and leave my other crap alone. Mind you I have had like 10 ultrasounds in the past year and not a single person said anything about any fibroids. In the end it was nothing as the NC said my ultrasound looked great and it was at 5mm, which means AF will be light, hopefully as she is light so far. I offically started my medications today and I start estrace tomorrow and then the next ultrasound on the 19th to make sure I am thickening up. It is getting exciting now that things are moving along.

The girls have been doing good. I feel like I run around like a mad woman though to all their sports practices and games. School is almost over and I am ready to start the summer. I would love to go camping and hiking. Well I am off to our play date to make our solar system.

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