Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life Full Speed Ahead

Where to start??

The kids are doing great. Ariel got straight As for her first semester in 6th grade. Samm now has a boyfriend so she is distracted to say the least, but she wouldn't be 15 if it happens once in a while, and Alexya is just trudging along at average. I have such a great trio of girls with such different personalities, but that is what makes them great!!!

On the surrogacy front, my numbers were down by mid-November so we got started right away. AF at the beginning of December and away we went. Everything went along very smoothly.
So with some IM progesterone and IM delestrogen...
3 frozen little totcicles
And of course the fertility fries...
We got these...BFP.
We are currently 5 weeks 1 day. On 10dp5dt BETA was 406 and on 16dp5dt BETA was 6145. We won't know how many little beans until ultrasound on the 17th, when we will be 6 weeks 6 days so we should see a heartbeat or two.

And this is the house we bought. It is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2200 sq ft house, with a built in pool and a barn on 6 acres in Red Bluff. We got it for the purchase price of $112,000 and after $8,000 worth of work we are financing just $116,500. We get the keys in just 15 days on the 20th of this month. Needless to say Christmas was light and we told the girls get to have their own rooms and get to pick their paint.
Overall life is just going great. Next update is ultrasound and the move!!!

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RebekahRose said...

LOTS going on for you!! :D Big congrats on the BFPs and new home! Love the pics. :)